My people
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Name: Natalia

Adam is literally my best friend and she understands me (sometimes) but we just have that special bond that I know we will never break apart.i luv/h9 u.

Name: Julia

My bby. I luv Felipe and we both crey over welsh bois while eating chalupas. She is honestly amazing and idk what I'd do without hur.

Name: Karley

Karlito ma gurl. We both have so much in common and we talk to other constantly. I luv her soo much ok shes honestly the best.

Name: Demi

Omg Demi is so cool ok I'm really glad we've became close. She's so funny and amazing and I'm rlly happy that I got to know her.

Name: Audrey

My wifey. She is so sweet and soo funny and I just think she's awesome. I love when we talk and I just luvvv hur.

Name: Nicole

I love Nicole. She's so nice and I know I could talk to her about anything. She's really a great person and she is an amazing person.

Name: Quinn

Quinn is awesome ok. I've only talked to her for a short time but shes really great and we are good friends now and im so glad we are.

Name: Najma

Omg Noodles. This gurl is beyond funny and nice. I her so so much and y'all better hop off van Ginkel cuz thats her hubby k bye.